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Human Rights Law homework help

Human Rights Law refers to a set of international laws that safeguards human rights by ensuring that such rights are not violated. It is part of international law, and therefore it is contained in declarations and treaties that outline certain human rights that countries are supposed to honor. Human rights law is often incorporated in governments' local, national, and state laws.

Characteristics of Human Rights Laws

  • They are universal. This means that they apply to all people across the world irrespective of the country.
  • Human rights laws are interconnected. In other words, these laws are interdependent.
  • They are non-discriminatory. This means that they equally apply to all human beings irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, race, etc.
  • The laws are inalienable. It means no one can take them away.

Human Rights Law in the U.S.

 Human rights law in the U.S. is legally safeguarded by the United States Constitution, state constitutions, and international customary law. The law is enforced by Congress, state legislatures, and citizen initiatives. The U.S. is highly ranked as far as some sections of human rights law are concerned. For instance, Freedom in the World ranks the U.S.A. at the top of the list in political rights and civil human rights with 86 out of 100 points. According to CIRI Human Rights Data Project, the U.S. is in position 38 regarding observing human rights law. In 2017, a report by Freedom House indicated that the U.S. was number 33 out of 199 regarding the level of press freedom guaranteed in the 199 individual countries.
On the negative side, however, the U.S.A. receives international criticism for its failure to observe various accounts' human rights laws. It has been criticized for its inability to curb the system of racism rampant in the states. The.US has also had a fair share of criticism for the criminalization of poverty and homelessness and the imprisonment of debtors.

Human Rights Law in Australia

Australia does not have a Bill of Rights, unlike most similar liberal democracies. Instead, its human rights law is contained in the constitution and Commonwealth Parliament's legislation or Territory Parliament or State. As the years advanced, however, Australia's High Court saw the necessity to escalate the human rights law and make some changes. For instance, in 1992, the court saw the need to increase parliamentary democratic freedom to discuss political issues.
The Australian Human Rights Commission, established in 1986, is the Commonwealth agency tasked with overseeing and ensuring the implementation of human rights law in Australia. The commission is also mandated with enforcing the human rights law as provided for under the "Age Discrimination Act 1996", "the Disability Discrimination Act 1992", "the Sex Discrimination Act 1984", as well as "the Racial Discrimination Act 1975". The Australian human rights law puts so much emphasis on the principle of non-discrimination.

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