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Law homework help refund policy

We have a fully functional refund policy. This policy describes circumstances when you can ask for a refund on this platform. There are many circumstances that may lead you to seek a refund, such as having made a double payment. This policy will guide you in knowing when you qualify for a refund policy. Therefore, as you seek our law homework help services, have confidence in our services because we are here to ensure that you get the best from us.

Our refund policy

Our mission is to ensure that students get help at the right time and ensuring that it is of the right quality. To ensure that you have confidence in our services, we have put in place this refund policy. Should we fail to deliver your homework 24 hours after the deadline, you are entitled to a full refund of your money. Note that you must have a piece of clear evidence of why you are seeking a refund and why you qualify for the same. If you prove that you are eligible for the same, your money will be refunded through the same account you used to send the money.


After completing a task, if you feel that there are areas that need to be revised, our team will revise the said sections. If you have a revision, you are expected to send it to our experts within three weeks after the work submission. Note that modification is very different from additional work. If you notice that you had sent us half of the task you were supposed to send, you will be expected to pay for the extra work as an independent task. This is because we charge each task based on the amount submitted at that particular time.

Cancellation of a task

Note that cancellation of a task can be made by you or by us. We can cancel a task if we notice illegal activities such as unlawful payment or money laundering. If for whatever reason, we cancel your contract because of illegal tasks, you will not be entitled to any refund. What is more, you will incur any damages that you will have caused. If the cancellation is from you, it should happen within an hour after submitting the work. Note that this does not apply in cases of urgent tasks.

When you qualify for a refund

  • If you mistakenly make two payments for the same task, you qualify for a refund. All you need to do is prove that you made two payments, and the extra payment will be sent back to you.
  • If you cancel an order within an hour after sending it to us, then you qualify for a refund. However, as indicated above, the order must not have been an urgent task. This is because urgent tasks are forwarded to our tutors immediately for completion.
  • If we fail to get a suitable tutor for your task within 24 hours, we will refund your money. Note that specialists complete all homework in those specific areas of study.

Circumstances under which you do not qualify for a refund

  • If you are not able to prove that our services were not satisfactory. To prove that service from us was not satisfactory, you are expected to send a proof in the form of attachments to our official email address.
  • Suppose you had termed the homework as urgent. We do not offer refunds for urgent tasks. We assign urgent tasks to our tutors immediately after we receive them. Note that for urgent homework, we pay our tutors before they start the work.
  • In the task was a quiz. We do not offer refunds for quizzes and other online assessments.
  • Suppose you fail to initiate the refund within two weeks after the task was completed. In such a case, it is assumed that everything went according to plan.